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Sunday, July 05, 2009

The more I read about

the recession/depression we are in, the more I agree that it will not be a V shaped (on a chart) recovery, or even U shaped, and hopefully not L shaped. As the stock market has staged quite a comeback, (undeservedly, I believe), I would have to bet that whatever recovery we have, will be W shaped, and we are at the middle of the letter, right now, not knowing how many years pass 'til we get to the far right side of the W. There is simply WAY too much wrong with the economy for us to be in a V. Furthermore, it couldn't be any more appropriate, than to have this disaster shaped like a W. GW Bush has his fingerprints all over this one. No matter what the right-wing pundits screech, this is totally a Bush/Repub consequence. You don't have an administration that inherited a surplus, then ran it into the ground for 8 years, and convince anyone that it is Obama's fault. UNLESS, you are a right wing, Rush/OReilly wack job, then it's totally Obama's fault, of course. Time will tell, but I'm betting (literally, with my investments) that we are a long way from the right side of the W. As Georgie Boy would say, 'You're welcome, America'.


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