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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Forgot to mention,

what a fantastic Easter we had. Am really disappointed I didn't get a pic of the girls. They were all so pretty. Ted and Nate were OK, too, but the ladies were special. Piper had her first egg hunt, and the dinner was SO good,with the wine from T&K and Laura's coconut cake really putting it over the top. Was shocked when Piper (under 2) could recite almost all the states, with special emphasis on 'Wyoming!' Cute and smart= pretty good combination. Won't be 2 'til July, and can already count, say her alphabet, colors of the rainbow, nearly all the states... What's she gonna do in kindergarten? I'm thinking Chinese....


Anonymous Anonymous said...

We had a great time too, as we always do. A very special day

8:57 PM  

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