The a**holes at FOX,

are 'offended' by the Chrysler ad during the Superbowl. They trotted out one of their main spinmeisters, Karl Rove, who was 'very disappointed', because Clint Eastwood's comments in the halftime ad, said it was 'halftime in America', and that could be construed as Obama getting another four years, and that, according to Rove and the 'Fair and Blanced' FOX, would be a disaster. How DARE these a**holes claim to be 'Fair and Balanced'? They are nothing but the propaganda arm of the Repubs, and a total JOKE, when it comes to 'news', but, not a funny joke, when you consider the sheep actually consider them legitimate.


Anonymous said…
Fair and balanced, like the Ku Klux Klan, is 'Friend of the Negro'

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