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I had sorta forgotten

how much I can't stand The Greaseball, but I peeked in on Bullshit Mountain tonight, trying to get a feel how they're looking at Super Tuesday, and saw his slimy face talking to Hannity. OMG! Who falls for this crap? He's gonna create MILLONS of jobs by moving the US embassy to Jerusalem, tearing up the Iran deal, securing the border and nullifying Obama's illegal executive orders? He's gonna 'fix' the country that Obama 'wrecked', (after the mess he inherited from Bush?)
Insane, but SO Republican... WTF is wrong with these people? I woulda watched more, but it hurt WAY too much.
THIS is their answer to the insanity of Trump?

Click on it

I can almost sympathize with the Pub brass,

who are freaking out, cuz it's like trying to herd cats, when a third of them are rabid and another third have 'mad cow disease'.  It's not possible, but REALLY fun to watch. BUT, when your party courts that type of insanity, don't be surprised when the clowns show up and start throwing rocks in your glass house.
Wow, you can't buy this kinda fun, BUT it serves a purpose. While the clowns cavort in the circus, they aren't forced to put forward any policy, and when they do, it's just bullshit. Build walls, deport 12 million Mexicans, restrict women's rights, persecute gays and inflate the most bloated military in the world. Same old crap from the same bad actors. No wonder the Pubs say, 'Screw our regular jerks and replace them with a reality TV star'.
Oh well, couldn't have scripted it better myself. Hasta la vista, rightwingnuts....

Got my new 'Rolling Stone' mag today,

and on my way to the Matt Taibbi article, 'Trump Unbound', I came across an article about a new TV miniseries about Stephen King's book, '11-22-63', that tells the story of a time traveler who goes back to try and save JFK, before the Pubs/military shot him down in Dallas, and set Lee Harvey Oswald up, as the patsy. Toward the end of the article, about James Franco playing the lead, they mentioned that if the series is a success, it may pave the way for another King miniseries, based on 'The Dark Tower'. Wow. if it's done well, that could be fantastic, although it is a bit of a stretch.
However, in a world where The Donald (who would eat a child, in a lifeboat), is gonna be the Pub candidate for prez, it's kinda hard to dismiss anything as 'impossible'. Funny yes, impossible, no, in a world where (some) people accept FOX/PARP as 'news' and fact. Never underestimate the power of stupid people in large numbers...

I had a great time yesterday at the Buffs b-ball game,

with a high school buddy, as we watched a CU team that looks really solid. Since both of us are STRONG Pub haters, (growing up during Viet Nam and he ended up there), we discussed what the average, rational Repub (if there is such a thing) would be looking at as an end game, and we couldn't see one. Trump has 70% negatives in the country and he looks like a lock as the Pub nominee. If they somehow find a way to snub him at the convention, he runs as an Independent. Either way, Pubs lose, BIG time. What's their plan, is the question everyone, (including them), is asking, and no one has an answer, as the monster created by FOX and Rush has taken over the asylum.
Bottom line, 'it's all good', for the country, as the Dems will unite behind their candidate, and the Pubs will splinter into their groups, from Far Right to Far, FAR, Bat-shit Crazy Rightwingnut and shouldn't be a problem again, for MANY years. The really good news? It's gonna be fun to watch, from …

Wow, finally some truth(?), and good news from FOX

where Michael Goodwin claims, 'If Trump is the candidate, it is the end of the GOP as we know it.' Can I get an AMEN? Wow, no one around to start wars, wreck our economy, dispute basic science like climate change, persecute gays and try to turn over elections to those with the most money to buy votes? What a shame,,,
If Trump runs the table or anything close, it’s game over. Not just for Rubio, but also for the party’s entire establishment. Trump is a total disrupter, and the GOP would never be the same.

To the surprise of NO ONE,

FOXNews has TWO lead stories, on-line, today. The first is about Hillary's e-mails, how the scandal is 'even worse' than thought, AND, they are re-playing the event last week where an ex-Marine heckled her about BENGHAZI! This is the front page news from Bullshit Mountain.
Of course that's better than covering the fiasco of their own candidates, bickering like 3rd grade brats over make-up and little hands while dodging all the real issues. In the real world, AOL had a great article about headlines in Europe and around the world, as they come to the realization that Trump will probably be the Repub nominee. All the 'Ugly American' stereotypes are front page news again. There is a petition in Britain, signed by over half a million, to bar The Donald from the country. This is after many European countries vowed to arrest GW and The Dick as war criminals if they try to enter the country.Thanks a bunch, Republicans, for confirming the fact you are nothing but a jok…

There are 24 Repubs up for re-election

in the Senate. They shouldn't be allowed to vote. Let the people decide. Hey! It was their idea....

The lead story on Bullshit Mountain/PARP

this morning is about a self-proclaimed ex-Marine who disrupted a Hillary campaign rally, screaming about 4 dead in Benghazi. That's headline news? Only at FOX, where they have an agenda and they keep to it. BUT, it reminds me of a stat I recently read.
Embassy workers killed under GWBush. 60. Investigations =0.
Embassy workers killed while Hillary as Sec of State. 4. Investigations =36 and counting.
Nothing new here, but just thought the sheep might like to know. HA! Who am I kidding? Anything anti-Hillary/Dem is exactly what they want to hear and they know where to go to hear it.

I realize it's not nice

to make fun of someone's looks, no matter how slimy they are, OR, to plagiarize someone else's work, but this is TOO perfect, in describing the Greaseball..
Cruz in person is almost physically repellent. Psychology Today even ran an article by a neurology professor named Dr. Richard Cytowic about the peculiarly off-putting qualities of Cruz's face. He used a German term, backpfeifengesicht, literally "a face in need of a good punch," to describe Cruz. This may be overstating things a little. Cruz certainly has an odd face – it looks like someone sewed pieces of a waterlogged Reagan mask together at gunpoint – but it's his tone more than anything that gets you. WOW! Perfect!

I watched part of the Pub debate last night,

then caught most of the 'highlights', on various news shows. Uh Oh, I thought, The Donald really hurt himself, with Rubio looking pretty sharp. The Big Bully may be in trouble, and I sure don't want that. GO DONALD!
But, after reading the polls today, most of the his double digit IQ supporters think he WON the debate, and his numbers are UP. Yahoo! Trump vs Hillary. Looking forward to our first woman prez, Thanks Donald....

In the crazy world of Pub Politics,

I like to keep it simple, as in ABC. Anyone But Cruz! GW and The Dick took our country to the edge of ruin, before being run out of town with a 22% approval rating and writing over $860 BILLION in checks to keep the country from immediately imploding. (Ft Knox holds under $190 billion, just to keep it in perspective.)
Now we have The Greaseball, who would probably do MORE damage. Hopefully, he'll keep wallowing in the mire with the brainiacs of the Repub party continuing to vote for The Donald, while blaming our problems on Obama, after he's performed a miracle, just keeping us afloat and steadily improving, after the 'steaming pile' the Pubs left behind the last time they were in office.
BUT, thanks to FOX and the 'intelligence' of the average sheep, the Pubs are still in play, putting on a Barnum and Bailey-type circus show, as the Bozos gradually bail from the floundering clown car, while the favorites yell and call each other names. I just know I'm wat…

Texas gov Greg Abbott(R),

is a huge fan of Ted Cruz, but when asked to name ONE bill that The Greaseball had gotten through Congress, he couldn't. There are LOTS of bills he's opposed, and he's tried to repeatedly to 'shut it down', led private fillibusters and has been a huge obstructionist, BUT, the gov couldn't think of ONE bill he's passed.
That makes him the perfect Repub, the Party of NO! Just sit back and bitch and moan, while sniping at what others do, and offering NOTHING of substance when it comes to AFFORDABLE Health Care (None!), Immigration (Bigger Walls!), The Budget (Bigger Military!) and foreign policy (More Bombs!). Same old shit from the Party of NO, which is probably a good thing. We saw what happened, under GW and The Dick, as they took us to war, based on lies, and then totally wrecked our economy. Compared to that, doing nothing is MUCH better.

Although MOST people would totally agree

with him, it was still surprising, and refreshing, to hear Lindsay Graham(R) admit that the GOP has gone 'Batshit Crazy'. Duh, ya think?
WASHINGTON, D.C. — Sen. Lindsey Graham mocked all of his former rivals in the Republican race to replace President Barack Obama on Thursday night, joking that his "party has gone bat**** crazy." Speaking at the Washington Press Club Foundation Dinner, Graham had the harshest words for Sen. Ted Cruz. "If you kill Ted Cruz on the floor of the Senate, and the trial was in the Senate, nobody could convict you," he quipped.

Interesting perspective

on the news tonight, when they interviewed the residents of a small Texas town, where over 90% of the jobs depend on the price of oil, which has plummeted, after they were able to rape the nation's drivers for many years. when GW and The Dick artificially pumped up the price of oil (ten-fold), with an illegal war, based on lies. Now, they gotta accept real world prices, and they're freaking out, which is understandable.
BUT, when you listen to 'em bitch, they're blaming it on illegal immigrants who are 'stealing jobs', and want a 'wall'. WTF are they talking about? The 'Big Oil' Texas gravy train is over, for a while anyway, as it should be, but not cuz of 'illegals'. Not that I don't feel sorry for those who are hurting, but they got rich, on the backs of all of us who overpaid for gas, for YEARS. Thanks GW.
Time for 'real world', supply and demand prices on gas and oil. Deal with it, Texans...

Now we know,

what Repubs like to do in their spare time. Antonin Scalia died while engaged in the same 'sport' that The Dick was enjoying when he shot a friend in the face. Both of them paid to have quail put in boxes and released so they could be blasted out of the air, for fun. It's called 'boxed bird' hunting. BUT, as a lifelong hunter, that's not 'hunting', it's just killing. HUGE difference, and SO Republican...
Members gathered at Cibolo Creek Ranch for a three-day hunting getaway that involved some members dressing in "traditional European shooting attire for the boxed bird shoot competition."
Then, for a change of pace, they shoot fish in a barrel.

As the Repubs promise

not to even consider a SCOTUS pick from what they call a 'lame duck', (he's not), they are showing their true colors, and even to the 'fence sitters' it's gonna be REALLY obvious where their loyalties lie. And it's NOT to the country.
Unfortunately, for too many Republicans moderation now equals apostasy. These Republicans have stubbornly parked themselves so far to the right for so many years that it is hard to tell whether they can hear how deranged they sound. The truth is they are afraid — and they should be.  So Mr. McConnell and his colleagues plan to shut their doors, plug their ears and hope the public doesn’t notice. The Republican spin machine is working overtime to rationalize this behavior. Don’t be fooled. It is panic masquerading as strength. So, it's time to sit back and watch, and ENJOY, as the rightwingnuts and their beliefs are paraded in the light of day. I can see those Las Vegas odds, for a Repub prez, dropping even lower, esp afte…

On Jeopardy tonight,

we saw an overlap of Trump's supporters, that he described as 'the poorly educated'. A Southern pastor and his wife won a trip, after solving the puzzle 'Gondola ride in Venice'. Pat asked them where they thought they were going? He answered, 'Paris'. Yup, the Evangelical/poorly educated base of the Pub party rides again.... I wonder if they are Cruz or Trump supporters?

Wow, it just gets funnier and stranger

as I watch the Repub circus. Today we saw The Donald and Pat Robertson on the same stage, kissing ass. Talk about strange bedfellows...I could laugh for hours looking at the quotes from the two of them, esp Pat, cuz they are SO Republican. Then we have Mitt saying there's gonna be a 'bombshell' with Trump's taxes. What a strange messenger after his problems.
Is there anything funnier than the clown car comedy show? NO! Nothing even close. Have I mentioned how much I love The Donald?

Now that Donald has the nomination

firmly in hand, I think he needs to name his VP choice, and it's obvious who it should be. The empty headed bimbo from Wasilla would be perfect. Her intellectualism is the perfect match for the Repub mentality and she is EXPERIENCED. Maybe this time she can handle the 'trick questions', like 'what do you read?', (or CAN you)? They are both reality show veterans, and the Pubs LOVE their movie star heroes, like St Ronald, from 'Bedtime For Bonzo'.
Just trying to help, as I can see The Donald winning it all, EXCEPT the general election, cuz 70% of the voters say they'd NEVER vote for him. Yeah, but that was before he announces Sarah as his VP. Then it goes above 80%! LOL, and loving every minute of the Repub fiasco.

In my continuing effort to be more 'positive'

instead of dreading the ongoing political circus, that goes on WAY too long, I've decided to try and enjoy it. I'm gonna savor every minute of the slow motion Repub train wreck. Since leaving the Repub party soon after GW invaded Iraq, I've become increasingly agitated as I've seen them wreck, and attempt to wreck, my country, with the help of Bullshit Mountain. BUT, all things come to those who wait, and now, I've seen the 'beginning of the end', for the party based on greed, fear and lies. It won't happen overnight, but the trend is clear, and I'm LOVING it.
I know it's far from over, but the writing's on the wall, for anyone who cares to read it, SO, instead of looking at them and getting upset, I'm just gonna sit back and enjoy their demise. With The Donald firmly in the Clown Car driver's seat, it's now nearly impossible to keep him from the nomination, and it's all over but the shouting. Like many others, I'm tryin…

I was curious last night, and looking

for some info on the Nevada primary, but couldn't find anything, SO, like an idiot, went to FOX, just in time to hear Hannity say that he had sources inside the FBI who assured him that Hillary was about to be indicted, on SEVERAL counts. WTF? The sheep believe this crap?
I'm no fan of Geraldo Rivera, but I loved it when he basically told Sean, 'You're full of shit'. There's NO WAY that could or would happen', but I'm sure all the sheep were loving it, as FOX/PARP fulfilled their wildest dreams. FOXNews. What a joke.

'I love the poorly educated',

was part of The Donald's acceptance speech in Nevada last night, when it was pointed out that many of his votes came that part of the electorate. If there was 'truth in advertising' that would be the mantra/motto of the Repub Party, with their symbol being a sheep.
'We love the poorly educated', rings true, cuz the Pubs couldn't exist without them. Evangelicals and the poorly educated make up the vast majority of the party and support the 1%. They just don't know it, which is part of being 'poorly educated' and/or a tool of organized religion.

A microcosm of the world of Repub politics

is shown by the (non) actions of Richard Shelby, 81 yr old Senator(R) from Alabama. As head of the Senate Banking Committee, he has refused to act on even ONE of Obama's 16 nominations to fill open seats.
Senator Richard C. Shelby, the Alabama Republican who is the committee’s chairman, is leaving nothing to chance — even if that means effectively shutting down the entire United States Senate Committee on Banking, Housing and Urban Affairs.
To avoid the sort of controversy that can animate primary voters on March 1, Mr. Shelby has stalled the work of the committee in the name of an increasingly familiar Republican tactic — failing to approve President Obama’s nominees. He now has the distinction of running the only committee in the Senate that has not acted on a single nominee in this Congress.
Mr. Shelby did not respond publicly, but earlier this year stated the obvious when he said that “I’m in a primary right now, so we’re in no hurry to hold hearings.”  It's been FIVE years.

There are a LOT of things the Pubs 'just don't get'

but when bowing before the altar of St Ronald, through willful ignorance, or plain old stupidity, they conveniently ignore how FAR OUT THERE the Repub party has gone.
HE supported the biggest amnesty bill in history for illegal immigrants, advocated gun control, used Keynesian stimulus to jump-start the economy, favored personal diplomacy even with the country’s sworn enemies and instituted tax increases in six of the eight years of his presidency. He was Ronald Reagan. Unlike his modern counterparts,  Reagan was also a pragmatist, willing to compromise, able to improvise in pursuit of his goals and, most of all, eager to expand his party’s appeal, something totally lacking in today's rabid rightwingnuts. How did the inclusive, forward-looking Republican Party of Reagan become the crass, xenophobic party of Donald J. Trump and Ted Cruz? You need look no further than FOXNews, where the FAR right wing has not only gotten a voice, but has drowned out any semblance of compromise or ne…

Over half the people in the US (Dems),

look at the Pubs and say, 'you suck'. Plus, within their own party, over half of them look at their traditional candidates and say, 'you suck'. They say they'd rather vote for The Donald.
After years of Repub bullshit, that tell you anything? Really. Think about it...
Other than the brainwashed sheep, who can stand them and what they stand for?

Everyone knows the jerks(R)

aren't going to approve ANYONE, before the election, cuz that's who they are and what they do. NO! is the party motto. BUT, does anyone think they will actually approve anyone that the next prez (HRC) appoints? Hell NO. They'll obstruct til hell freezes over, just like they have with Obama's judicial appointments since Day 1.
 As I said earlier, it'll just be a matter of time til the dinosaurs die out, as more people see how OBVIOUS they are with their tantrums, in their world where negotiation 'loses out' to obstruction. I'm claiming that in 5 years (maybe 10, surely by 20) they won't be a problem anymore. The Donald, The Greaseball and all their obstructionism have opened a lot of eyes and minds. Now we just vote and wait.... They're a dying breed. It's called survival of the fittest (or evolution), and it's slow, but sure.... OR, they could change, and not be the party of rightwingnuts.
(Looks like a Mitch McConnell ancestor, right?)

Hmmm, haven't heard much lately

from the govs of the Big Oil states, like TX, LA, OK and AL, about how GREAT their economy's are, cuz of their fantastic Repub leadership. Rick Perry and the rest LOVED to brag about how superior they were, just cuz they lived over vast pools of oil, that were suddenly MUCH more valuable, after GW and The Dick invaded the Oil Basket of the world and drove the Black Gold from under $14 to over $140/barrel, based on LIES. Life's much easier when you can rip off the nation (like corn farmers/ethanol) for your products.
Yup, as we near the historic price for oil, those Repub govs, with their crashing economies, don't look nearly so smart, (not that they ever did), as the rest of the nation has more disposable income.

PS I almost feel sorry for the jerks(R) as the air leaves their political balloon. For a while they thought No Way can Trump win the nomination. THEN, they were thinking/hoping he'd run against Bernie. Too bad. Ain't gonna happen, as The Donald WILL be th…

According to FOX/PARP,

Bernie is 'blowing it' by not attacking Hillary for her 'scandals', (that were created and perpetuated by Bullshit Mountain). Oh really? And Mr Sanders should take campaign advice from the party that is led by The Donald and The Greaseball?
In other news, the Pubs are bitchin' cuz Obama plans to shut down Gitmo, exactly like he promised to do in his campaign (which he WON, twice), just like GW and John McCain ALSO wanted to do. The jerks(R) are always bitching about 'wasted money', but, they don't wanna shut down a place that costs hundreds of millions, and takes hundreds of soldiers, for less than a hundred prisoners, when there is PLENTY of room for them in US prisons.
When the Pubs bitch, then you know you're on the right track. I love Obama's new attitude, which is 'Screw 'em, they're gonna bitch no matter WHAT I do, so I'll just do the right thing.'
SO, FOXSheep, any of you take my advice and put a bunch of money on a P…

I used to have a desk calendar,

'Backwards Bush', that counted down the days til he left office, including a stupid looking pic and dumb quote from him for every day of the year. Not sure if it helped, BUT, looking back on it I realize that the passing of time is the best healer. SO, I just gotta stay sane and wait.... as the Repub party implodes. The Donald leads, BY FAR, and 70% of the people will NEVER vote for him. Voila, problem solved. George Will nailed it this morning in his column, saying Trump LOVES the fact that he's wrecking the Repub party. No shit. So do I. Where I used to have nothing but contempt for The Donald, but now I LOVE him. The enemy of my enemy...
I just have to remember to savor this special time, as the Party of NO withers from their own ignorance and intransigence, and is wrecked by the monster they created (GO Donald!). Tell me one category of voter where they're gaining, other than angry, old, white men in the Bible Belt? Certainly not women, and esp not youth, minoriti…

As always, they're full of crap

The Pubs in the clown car don't agree on much, but they do all spout the same rhetoric in two areas. Obama's HUGE deficit is wrecking us! AND We're gonna give a HUGE tax cut to everyone!
Oh really???? How you gonna do that? There are few economic policies that have been proven SO consistently wrong as 'The Trickle Down Theory', that allows a MASSIVE shift of wealth from the working class to the 1% (who run the Repub party), but here they go again.
Only the sheep would swallow the same tired old bullshit that says 'We're gonna cut taxes and shrink the deficit'. When pressed for details, they ignore the question, BUT, the sheep love to hear it, so the clowns say it. Who are these people? Oh yeah, FOXSheep, who don't have a clue, BUT, they vote solid Republican. It's called 'low information voter'.

Is there anything funnier,

than two Repub candidates trash-talking and lying over dirty tricks concerning the Bible?
 A top campaign official for Texas Sen. Ted Cruz apologized Sunday after linking to a video that wrongly depicted Florida Sen. Marco Rubio as trash-talking the Bible.  Campaign spokesman Rick Tyler also told Fox News on Monday that the post was a "mistake."  Yup, it's always a 'mistake' when you get caught. The Donald 'nailed it' when he called Rafael Eduardo Greaseball(R) a 'nasty liar', after catching him in many earlier lies. Repub politics=What a joke....

As I get older,

I find I acquire more wisdom and have less patience with those whom I feel "just don't get it'. Life is too short to argue with rightwingnuts who don't have a clue, SO, I try to just avoid them and, so far, it works for me.

Good riddance. Maybe there is a God...

Antonin Scalia, who died this month, after nearly three decades on the Supreme Court, devoted his professional life to making the United States a less fair, less tolerant, and less admirable democracy. Fortunately, he mostly failed. Belligerent with his colleagues, dismissive of his critics, nostalgic for a world where outsiders knew their place and stayed there, Scalia represents a perfect model for everything that President Obama should avoid in a successor. 
His beliefs and attitudes become explainable, when you see where he got his 'news'. Not long ago, Scalia told an interviewer that he had cancelled his subscription to the Washington Post and received his news from the Wall Street Journal, (owned by Rupert Murdoch), the Washington Times (owned by the Reverend Sun Myung Moon’s Unification Church), and conservative talk radio. In this, as in his jurisprudence, he showed that he lived within the sealed bubble of contemporary conservative thought. 
On the social issues where t…

Talking heads in the media

can say anything they want, although their choices at FOX are severely limited, when 'truth' is involved, BUT, in Vegas, where you can bet on the 2016 election, there is a much greater sense of 'reality', which happens when 'real money' is involved. Wow, rightwingnuts, do I have a 'get rich quick' scheme for you! Just put your money where your mouth is, and bet on one of your Repub favorites. IF you win (Ha Ha), you will be well rewarded, (Cruz pays 8-1), OR, you can just go with the overwhelming fave, and bet on Hillary, BUT, you can't even get 'even money', cuz the 'Bookies' in Vegas 'keep it real' when it comes to paying out and would LOVE to take your bet on your favorite Conservative(R). LOL!
C'mon, big talkers. Live in the real world for a change. Slither out from under your rock on Bullshit Mountain and get some 'easy money' (8-1), by betting on the Greaseball. C'mon, I dare ya', although I doubt t…

FOXNews/Republicans, (one and the same)

are well known for their lying, in big and small ways, BUT, The Donald comes up with an amazing amount of truth, as when he said GW lied us into the Iraq War, Ted 'Greaseball' Cruz is a 'nasty liar', unliked by all of his colleagues and the economy does 'Better' under Democrats. ALL of which are obvious, but it is nice to hear from someone with (R) beside their name.
Wow, truth from a Republican. Who da thunk?

I read and watch

lots of news, (maybe too much), but what I'm seeing nearly everywhere, barring something totally unforeseen, is that the The Donald is gonna be the Repub nominee for prez. Wow! And if they find a way to go around him, he'll run as an Independent. Can you say president Hillary?
The rightwingnuts must be freakin' out, BUT, this is exactly what happens, when 'You reap what you sow'. Flood the poor little sheep brains with fear and loathing, and VOILA, you get a Frankenstein monster to save them. We're still a long way from November, but I'm loving it, as nearly every prognosticator is saying the same thing. The Donald looks unstoppable, AND, 70% of voters would NEVER vote for him. Get ready for a First Dude, named Bill. Thanks again FOXNews, cuz without your nonstop bullshit this would never have been possible. LOL!
Republicans, the only thing that can make the Democrats 'Look Good'.

If you wanna be sickened, watch the movie

"Kill The Messenger', starring Jeremy Renner, now on HBO. It's the true story of Gary Webb, the reporter who first broke the story of the Reagan administration, with Oliver North (now a FOXNews hero), who smuggled BILLIONS of dollars worth of cocaine into the US, to finance their illegal war with the Contra rebels in Nicaragua, after Congress said no to another of their wars. Once they got the cash, created the addicts and wrecked uncountable lives, they continued their War on Drugs, and busted the same people they used to get their blood money and the long-term damage of 'crack cocaine' was begun, as St Ronald and other hypocritical Repub assholes competed directly with the Columbian cartels selling coke, while they threw students in prison for smoking pot.
Then, the govt(R) officials 'killed the messenger', by wrecking the reporter's life, discrediting him and either killing him or forcing his 'suicide' of two bullets in the head. The people…

I think it says a LOT,

that after the Repub party trotted out all it's 'talent' and stuffed them into the clown car, the voters looked, listened and said 'No Thanks', we'll take the loudmouth, racist, egotistical reality TV star. And even in a state like South Carolina, filled with 'Evangelicals', they looked at the ultra-religious Greaseball and said, 'No Way'. It says a LOT about the party where rightwingnuts, low information FOX sheep and Bible Belters overlap. Not sure what, but a LOT, and it's sure not intelligence, on any level...

Interesting experiment on the streets of NYC

as people thought they were reading from the Quran. "A woman should live in quietness and full submission." "If you reject my commands and abhor my laws, you will eat the flesh of your own sons. And your own daughters." "I don't allow for a woman to teach. You will have to cut off her hand. Do not forgive her." "If two men sleep with each other, they will both have to be killed." When the interviewers asked passersby what they thought of those passages, they were honest, and people reacted with disgust, anger and negativity, but they were reading from the Bible, NOT the Quran. Who da thunk?

Wow, talk about stellar(R) support...

Some of the Repub brain trust that is lining up to support The Donald include Dennis Rodman, Gary Busey, Charlie Sheen and Ted Nugent. This is on top of Sarah Palin, the brain dead poster child for stupidity from Wasilla. At least Trump has the support of some people who have worked with him, which is totally unlike Ted 'The Greaseball' Cruz, where NOT ONE of his fellow senators support him, BUT, the rightwingnuts love him. Just when you think the Pubs can't get any more ridiculous, they never fail to deliver, fueled by the crap from Bullshit Mountain.
PS Jeb learned that trotting out his brother, who wrecked our economy and started a war, based on lies, isn't exactly HELPFUL.

Mexico was fun,

especially when we got up early enough to reserve one of the covered, comfortable spots next to the bar/pool/restroom/ocean. (click on to enlarge). The weather was kinda cool (for Mexico), but the resort, beach and staff were really nice. Missed one of the nicest weeks ever, for Feb weather, in Colorado, as it was golf temps (in shorts) nearly the entire time we were gone. Pic above is one of the 'cougars' who prowled the pool. Yup, I was one of her victims. Below is some of the excellent Lox (hi-quality salmon), that helped me get my money's worth, over the course of many meals. Yum, I could live on it, for a long time.

As I've said MANY times before,

after listening to the lies and bullshit from The Donald, The Greaseball, Mitch McConnell and Bullshit Mountain, I can either explode, drink heavily or unload my thoughts on my blog, so I don't have to bother friends and relatives with my outrage. Blog works for me....

One thing I've noticed as we travel,

is that foreigners (esp Canadians and Europeans) realize there are informed, reasonable US citizens, AND there are Republicans, who are arrogant, racist, start wars (creating death, injury and refugees), and whose leading candidate is Donald Trump. On foreign soil, once you make the differentiation(D), you are treated with respect and friendliness, rather than avoidance and derision(R).
Never has the term 'Ugly American' been more obvious and applicable, than after the Bush administration and during the Repub nomination process. Don't think the citizens of the world aren't watching and cringing. Thanks again, FOXNews, for spreading your poison to elect Republicans, (and creating The Donald as a result) with your uninformed, ignorant Poor White Trash base.

The sheep of Bullshit Mountain, or PARP,

love to say that Bernie's plans for health care and higher education are 'unrealistic', although the HUGE majority of civilized nations provide that for their citizens. They say we can't afford it, BUT, their stupid Iraq War, based on lies, cost much more, and what did 'we the people' get from it? Higher oil prices, an overwhelmed VA system, and world-wide disdain.. The 'realistic' plan from the Clown Car Candidates calls for more war, bombing the MidEast 'til the sand glows', a YUUUGE wall, that Mexico will pay for and the deportation of 12 million Mexicans in the US.
Yup, the same crowd(R) that believes in a 'literal' Bible has no problem with walls, wars and mass deportations (how the hell they gonna do it?), thinks health care for the people and higher education are impossible, as they line up behind The Donald and The Greaseball. And you wonder why I can't stand 'em, after they totally wrecked our economy last time (worst s…


The Big Dogs of the Pub party are pissed, cuz The Donald is 'saying out loud', what we all know. GW and The Dick lied us into the war in Iraq. If you are SO dense you can't see that, then I'm surprised you can survive in today's world. Not many things in life are SO obvious, with easily provable evidence. Whether that was worse than totally wrecking the entire US (and world) economy is up for debate. BUT, what's not debatable is IF they did it. Not even a question, unless you are a FOXSheep, but they don't have a clue, cuz they get their 'facts' from Bullshit Mountain/PARP. Ever heard of 'willful ignorance'? 'Nuff said.

There's an old saying,

'The enemy of my enemy is my friend', and that helps me see The Donald in a new light.
My loathing for Donald Trump has kept me from fully appreciating the public service he has been, albeit unintentionally, performing by exposing the bigotry and ignorance and hypocrisy that pervade the noxious soul of today's Republican Party.
There it is, in a nutshell. Go Donald!

At least they're consistent

The Party of NO, that is, as they refuse to even consider a SCOTUS nomination. There are OVER 30 Federal judgeships that are sitting vacant cuz the jerks(R) are refusing to even vote on them. Important Court of Appeals positions and district judge openings are just sitting there, cuz the Pubs are delaying EVERYTHING, as they hope to put their own people in, sometime in the future. At least the Supreme Court fiasco is exposing them for what they are, which is the party of No Way, as they throw their tantrums and do their best to 'shut it down'.

If you read and believe FOX/PARP,

(first of all that means you don't have a clue), you'd 'know' that Bernie Sanders leads Hillary in a 'national' poll, BUT, this is based on FOX polling bullshit, which is way different than 'real' polls, where all the major, national, large number polls consistently show HRC with anywhere between a five and ten percentage point lead. Once again, you can believe Bullshit Mountain, OR, you can get the truth. And you wonder why they're known as sheep?
As I said before, it is so nice to be home in MANY ways, but being away from resort television that featured FOXNews is one of the best. Every day I had to decide, 'Do I want NO news, or FOX news?'
At least I can see how/why they think like they do. FOX/PARP is a 'not so subtle' CONSTANT barrage of Repub propaganda, interspersed with some real news, hot chicks, country music and religious fanaticism. Wow, no wonder the Pubs have two 'totally unelectable Bozos' driving the clown ca…

Wow, it is nice to be back,

where we can see REAL news, instead of the FOX version, among other things. Long day through airports and in flight, but we made it. The beach was nice, but after 10 days, so is home....

I never thought I'd see the day

When  the leading Repub candidate would admit that GW and The Dick lied the country into a HUGE war. As if thinking people didn't already know, BUT, is nice to know a Pub can tell the truth, if only for a moment. What kind of person would want those jerks back in power? A stupid FOXSheep, and that's all . Nuff said, when a private email server trumps trillions of dollars  and thousands of deaths. How stupid are these sheep? Hint. Four dead diplomats count WAY more than thousands of soldier deaths, based on OBVIOUS  lies.


Yup, the last Repub to hold the office of prez, who nearly wrecked our country, is telling the sheep to vote for his brother., saying 'The presidency is a serious job that requires hard work and good ideas.' Oh really? That's like Wyle E Coyote giving advice on catching roadrunners and avoiding cliffs. Wyle E and the Bush brothers. Ha Ha. Really funny til you look at the rest of the clown car, and fall over laughing.

I'm hearing Loretta Lynch,

being nominated to fill Scalia's post. A black female, with a nearly spotless record, just recently vetted and confirmed as Atty General. Let the Pubs block her and watch the blacks and women take it personally, at the voting booth, as the Repub plan is to block ANYONE, for the next year.
Good luck with that one, jerks, as people are REAL tired of the Party of NO, shutting down the govt for their political bullshit.

The Party of NO,

in their nonstop obstructionism, claim 'the people' should have a voice in the nomination of the next Supreme, so Obama should defer. Well, idiots, the people did have a say. Obama WON in 2012, and part of his duties from the CONSTITUTION, that the jerks(R) love to scream about, makes the course of action very clear, just as when St Ronald was in the same situation. The good news? Anyone and everyone will see how they are committed to pure partisanship, instead of governing. The American people aren't all stupid, once you get away from the FOXSheep, and the undecideds will see what anyone with a brain has known for a LONG time. The country takes second place to the Pub agenda, which is too lie, cheat and steal to get their way.
BTW, cable still down and am forced to check FOX for news. OMG! If I was forced to watch this crap for an extended period I would go insane or Repub, which isn't really that different.

I know the Pubs LIE,

but they've taken it to a new level, with the death of Scalia, and Obama appointing a new justice. They use words like unprecedented and unconstitutional. BUT, when the SAME thing happened under St Ronald, the Dem Congress allowed him to appoint a new justice, cuz that's the law. BUT, the jerks (R) now, say NO WAY, cuz it's DIFFERENT now. Same old bullshit from the rightwingnuts. We'll make our own laws, cuz we don't like the real ones. Screw em, as their clown car careens down the road, with Donald at the helm and the Greaseball screaming from the passenger seat. What a joke, and is SO funny as you meet foreigners who laugh out loud at the Pubs, like most 'non-sheep' in the US.

Although I don't like to see

any fellow human being die, IF I could have chosen one, I can't think of a better candidate than Antonin Scalia, for SO MANY reasons. Not counting the leading Pub candidates, it's hard to imagine a worse jerk. Maybe the next one won't think that votes can be bought, or blacks belong in lesser colleges, where they'll fit in better, or realize gays are born that way and have rights, and a woman should control her own body, not bunch of old men. As for guns, he had no problem with people carrying rocket launchers, literally, BUT, when it came to collecting DNA from convicted criminals he was against that. Total jerk....

Because of a cable problem,

we don't have access to a lot we've taken for granted, like real news. To 'check in' we've only had FOXNews. OMG! At least I can understand, now, how the sheep think, or don't. FOX is like a blacksmith, CONSTANTLY hammering a piece of steel. Everything they say, every comment they make has anti Dem rhetoric. It's nonstop propaganda, with liberal doses of exaggerations and outright lies. Of course their listeners hate all things Dems. The brainwashing is CONSTANT, sometimes subtle, but mostly blatant.
At least I can understand, now, why the sheep are so uninformed and rabid. They get their 'news' from FOX, which is nothing but nonstop Repub propaganda. There was a time I couldn't believe or understand how a Trump or Cruz could possibly happen, but after some time with FOX, it all makes sense, sad and crazy as it is.

Unbelievable, but typical

Rick the Dick Santelli bitched and screamed for YEARS about Obama's policies causing Rampant Inflation, after the Fed was forced to take drastic action after GW and the Pubs nearly wrecked the economy and the country. NOW, he's bitchin' about DEflation, and the sheep still don't have a clue. Nothing new here, but funny....

After watching the Super Bowl

with our Bronco crazed, beer-fueled crew of 15 'Old Farts', reading about it in the Denver Post and seeing the highlights and comments on Denver TV, I thought it was a GREAT game, but many non-Denver fans may have thought it was kind of a boring, grind it out, slugfest, which it was. Oh well, we DO have a WINNER, and it's the Denver Broncos, riding the MVP performance of Von Miller and the Orange Rush Defense. I plan to watch the game on the DVR today, cuz I missed quite a bit with the wild celebrations going on, and check out the commercials I missed.
After Nate's b-day party on Saturday, then the Super Bowl yesterday, this old body feels like two days of 'Party Hearty' are enough, but plan to soak in the afterglow, which is SO different from the humiliating loss two years ago, AND I gotta figure out how to celebrate my winnings from having the right square (Den-4,Car-0) in the 'final score' betting box?