FOX/PARP and the Pubs,

one and the same, are bitchin', cuz of Hillary's Top Secret emails, EVERY ONE of which the classification was changed, much later, AFTER they were sent, mainly cuz everyone was getting a little tired of the BENGHAZI! crap, which a horse they have ridden, INTO THE GROUND.
Now, we're finally finding out what the Top Secret emails were. They referenced the US using 'drones' against Al Queda.
Wow, News Flash!. Who do think? It's good enough for the low-info sheep to bitch about, BUT, they weren't voting anything other than a straight Repub ticket anyway, so who cares?
Will be interesting to see what the Pub brain trust comes up with next, cuz BENGHAZI! and emails, esp after several Pubs have done the SAME thing, just aren't any big deal'
Agencies Battle Over What Is 'Top Secret' in Hillary Clinton's Emails


At the center of the argument, officials said, is a "top secret" C.I.A. program that is anything but secret - its effort to kill suspected terrorists with drones.


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