Hmmm, haven't heard much lately

from the govs of the Big Oil states, like TX, LA, OK and AL, about how GREAT their economy's are, cuz of their fantastic Repub leadership. Rick Perry and the rest LOVED to brag about how superior they were, just cuz they lived over vast pools of oil, that were suddenly MUCH more valuable, after GW and The Dick invaded the Oil Basket of the world and drove the Black Gold from under $14 to over $140/barrel, based on LIES. Life's much easier when you can rip off the nation (like corn farmers/ethanol) for your products.
Yup, as we near the historic price for oil, those Repub govs, with their crashing economies, don't look nearly so smart, (not that they ever did), as the rest of the nation has more disposable income.

PS I almost feel sorry for the jerks(R) as the air leaves their political balloon. For a while they thought No Way can Trump win the nomination. THEN, they were thinking/hoping he'd run against Bernie. Too bad. Ain't gonna happen, as The Donald WILL be their candidate, (or run as an Independent), and Hillary will carry the Dem banner, although Bernie is a GREAT guy. Oh well. Too bad, so sad, FOXSheep.


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