Interesting piece on ABC News this morning,

as they had correspondents in Denver and Charlotte, homes of the Super Bowl teams, in a smack-down with the mayors and their bets. In a friendly 'competition', they each said/showed how they were better. It wasn't even close... Basically, Charlotte had moonshine and NASCAR, while Denver was stuck with healthiest, most educated people, rising employment and property values, most breweries in the country, The Rocky Mountains, legal pot, Red Rocks concert venue, best weather (with most days of sunshine in the US), etc. Carolina countered with Top Ten in golf courses, but Colorado is also on that list, PLUS the ball goes 10% further. I will give Carolina the nod for best BBQ, but other than that, like I said, not even close. In other 'news'...
FOXNews, the Fair and Balanced network, also had their own 'news', for the sheep.

What voters know about Hillary Clinton: She's a crook! By Andrew Napalitano

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