The sheep of Bullshit Mountain, or PARP,

love to say that Bernie's plans for health care and higher education are 'unrealistic', although the HUGE majority of civilized nations provide that for their citizens. They say we can't afford it, BUT, their stupid Iraq War, based on lies, cost much more, and what did 'we the people' get from it? Higher oil prices, an overwhelmed VA system, and world-wide disdain.. The 'realistic' plan from the Clown Car Candidates calls for more war, bombing the MidEast 'til the sand glows', a YUUUGE wall, that Mexico will pay for and the deportation of 12 million Mexicans in the US.
Yup, the same crowd(R) that believes in a 'literal' Bible has no problem with walls, wars and mass deportations (how the hell they gonna do it?), thinks health care for the people and higher education are impossible, as they line up behind The Donald and The Greaseball. And you wonder why I can't stand 'em, after they totally wrecked our economy last time (worst since the Big D), and now have the sheep believing Obama ruined our economy, when it's the best in the world? I can see that if you live in a Red State you are probably suffering, cuz 11 of 12 states with the lowest education/income are Red, while 9 of 10 with the highest educ/inc are Blue, for obvious reasons, as in 'uneducated and uninformed' equals a Repub vote, esp in their base, the Bible Belt Southern states, where the Evangelicals are going for The Donald and The Greaseball. Nothing new here, but helps to point out every once in a while, what a bunch of HYPOCRITES they are, as you can see the nearly perfect overlay of 'The Poverty Belt' with the Repub Base. (NOT a coincidence, cuz Ignorance=Low Income=Repub/FOXNews sheep). Deal with it, Pubs, cuz it's REALITY!


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