Interesting article today,

about the 'fake' CIA agent that was a FOXNews 'X-spurt' for many years.
Five years later, in October of last year, Simmons — who, as a frequent guest on Fox News discussing intelligence matters, had become a prominent commentator on national security — was arrested for fraud.
A couple things stood out. He was suspected as being phony, by many, for a long time, but Bullshit Mountain took no action, cuz they LOVED the crap he said about the Obama administration. Also, the article points out how it was 'no big deal' at FOX or among the sheep, cuz everyone knows what FOXNews does, and NO ONE was shocked or even surprised.
Let Brian Williams 'misremember' one story and he's sacked. Bill O'Reilly can 'make shit up' about MANY stories, and FOX doesn't blink, cuz that's exactly what's expected from the network built on lies, half-truths and partisan bullshit, where the sheep get their 'news'. Nothing new here, from PARP, the mouthpiece of the party of Trump, but sometimes it's nice to see it documented and laid out so nicely, as in today's article. Read it here: But I know the sheep won't, cuz they don't CARE about facts, as long as they can read anti-Hillary bullshit, esp, if there's a BENGHAZI! article...


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