Lots of introspection out there

from the Pubs who FINALLY realize the monster THEY created may destroy them, but this is one of the best.
Is anyone surprised? Since Reagan first cemented the image of the "welfare queen" -- the stereotypical poor black American fraudulently collecting entitlements -- into the minds of middle America, the Republican Party has used rhetorical misdirection to blame blacks, Hispanic immigrants, women, homosexuals, and Muslims for every one of their policy failures. From such amorphous terms as "the 47 percent" to the straightforward attacks on "sluts" seeking birth control, Republican candidates have gone out of their way to implicitly assure white, straight, Christian, male Americans of their infallibility.

What do you expect from a party that gets it's 'news' and opinions from FOX, O'Reilly and Rush, and believes Obama is a Kenyan born Muslim, climate change is a hoax, believes lies about 'Obama's gonna take your guns!', being gay is a choice and supports 'vote-buying' by the highest bidder, under Citizens United?


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