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Tuesday, March 01, 2016

On the night of Super Tuesday,

I've watched fake news (FOX), and real news. They all say the same thing, as The Donald has won big. The Repub brass is saying NO WAY they will nominate him as their candidate. SO, that means he'll run as an Independent. Yahoo! You smell that? That's the smell of the GOP going up in flames. The only problem is that it's 16 years too late. They were in charge from 2000 til 2008 and wrecked everything they touched. Oh well, better late than never, Good riddance. Can you say President Hillary? PS The brain trust at Bullshit Mountain, tonight, is saying they don't have to worry about Hillary, cuz she's gonna be in prison by this fall. And now they're saying Bernie's supporters will move to the Repub party. WTF? Just when you think the 'talent' at FOX can't get any stupider, they never fail, in their race to the bottom. FOX News. What a joke.


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