The Trump supporters

within the Pub party are EXACTLY like the Pubs in Congress. They think it is more important to throw a tantrum to prove 'we're not happy', than actually putting forth the effort to FIX the problems. Rather than rally behind someone who could actually win, they're like spoiled little brats. Who thinks The Donald would make a great president? The 'ignoramous wing' of the Pub party, that's who, and there's LOTS of them, as we have seen for years.
 It took the Trump-dominated Super Tuesday contests to awaken Republican leaders to the fact that the darkest elements of the party’s base, which many of them have embraced or exploited, are now threatening their party.
On CNBC this morning, the business channel interviewed Meg Whitman, head of HP, who had just returned from a tour of European operations, and she said the first question EVERYWHERE, was WTF is going on with politics in the US? And she couldn't really explain, other than 'it's the Republicans, and you know them'. Unfortunately, they remember the last Repubs, as they are being overrun by refugees after GW and the Dick WRECKED the mideast. No wonder they're scared....
It is an excellent thing that the Republican leaders have noticed the problem they’ve fostered, now embodied in the Trump candidacy. But until they see the need to alter the views and policies they have promoted for years, removing Mr. Trump will not end the party’s crisis.


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