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Wednesday, April 12, 2017

SURPRISE! Bigmouth Bill O'Reilly won't be around, for a while,

BUT, he's assuring his 'reality challenged' sheep listeners that it is for a 'previously scheduled' vacation.
And I'm sure they swallow that crap like all the other lies he spouts from Bullshit Mountain.
The fact that he's under investigation for at least FIVE different sexual harassment charges is just a 'coincidence'.
I'm sure he'll be back soon and his loyal minions have already decided he's just being attacked by those damned, science believing, bleeding heart Liberals.
Nothing new here, in the land of FOXBullsit, where preying on the 'weaker sex', if they wanna keep their jobs, is just part of company policy, as deeply ingrained as their unofficial motto.
 Dems BAD--Pubs GOOD!


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