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Sunday, May 28, 2017

As I watch the Memorial Day ceremonies

I LOVE the true veterans. BUT, I hate the Repub jerks that sent our young men, and my friends to die inViet Nam and Iraq.
There's a YUUGE difference between fighting for our freedom and fighting for the Repub War Machine that sent patriots to be cannon fodder for Repub bullshit, where the 'defense' contractors made YUUUGE amounts of money, for NOTHING other than profit.
Please explain to me what was GOOD about Viet Nam and Iraq?
Total Repub bullshit that drove a wedge betgween patriots and politics, and showed profit vs suffering is a Repub constant. Some things never change....
Like I say, I LOVE the true patriots that fought for our country in WWII.
BUT, the assholes that sent our young men to die and be wounded in Viet Nam and Iraq should burn in hell, AS IF there were such a 'Christian' place....


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