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Sunday, May 28, 2017

Can you imagine, the beginnings of FOXLies,

as Roger Ailes, Chief Political Strategist of the Repub Party is hitting up Rupert Murdoch, who'll do ANYTHING if it's profitable, for $120 mil. 'First', says Roger, 'we have to convince the rubes that the main-stream media, ALL OF IT, incl foreign, like Reuters and the BBC, are LIARS, and only WE, Republican propagandists, tell the TRUTH!
Rupert must have laughed out loud, saying, 'Nobody, not even the Bible Belt Bozos, are THAT gullible, although I think it might fly in Indiana'.
Then Roger came back with the CLINCHER.
'We're gonna call it, 'Fair and Balanced', and they both fell on the floor, laughing their asses off.
as the dynasty was born.
Meanwhile, on a bus not far away, Donald Trump was explaining to Billy Bush, how to score with women, not knowing there was a live mic, as he said, 'You just grab 'em by the pussy', which proved No Problem with FOX created sheep, PROVING the wisdom of Roger Ailes and the gullibilty of the flock.
Can you say 'President Donald Trump?'


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