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Saturday, May 27, 2017

I knew he had a BUNCH of bankruptcies,

but I wasn't sure HOW many, cuz you hear from 4 to 6. Well, it is at LEAST six, plus a bunch of failed businesses, according to Snopes, who is MUCH more believable than the Liar in Chief. Remember, this is the clown that the FOXNews swallowing sheep think should run our country, cuz they believe the lies.

Other Trump Business Failures

As well as his six bankruptcies, Donald Trump has undertaken a number of business projects that ultimately failed without resulting in bankrupcties, including:
Trump Steaks
GoTrump (online travel site)
Trump Airlines
Trump Vodka
Trump Mortgage
Trump: The Game
Trump Magazine
Trump University
Trump Ice (bottled water)
The New Jersey Generals (pro football team)
Tour de Trump (bicycle race)
Trump Network (nutritional supplements)
Trumped! (syndicated radio spot)
Wow, sure seems like presidential material to me, say the clueless sheep...


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