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Thursday, May 11, 2017

In yet another example of his 'Arrogance/Stupidity'

the Liar in Chief claimed today, HE is the one who coined the phrase 'prime the pump'.
 Really, you can't make up crap like this...(Google it)
President Donald Trump claimed he "came up" with
the phrase "prime the pump" during an interview with
The Economist published on Thursday.
During an interview with the publication, Trump said 
he was fine with his tax plan increasing the deficit in 
the short-term in order to stimulate growth, saying the 
boost was "priming the pump."
"It is OK, because [the deficit] won't increase it for 
long," Trump said. "You may have two years where 
you'll ... you understand the expression 'prime the 
Trump then went on to tell the Economist interviewer 
that he "came up" with the phrase.
"Have you heard that expression used before?" 
Trump asked the Economist. "Because I haven't 
heard it. I mean, I just ... I came up with it a couple 
of days ago and I thought it was good. It's what you
 have to do."
And to think this asshole(R) is 'In Charge' of our country,
Thanks a bunch, gullible rightwingnuts....


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