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Wednesday, May 03, 2017

No matter what your politics are,

there are a couple of basic truths that are undeniable.
James Comey(R) said he felt he 'needed' to tell the american people about the 'possibility' that Hillary's latest batch of emails (from Anthony Weiner's computer) MIGHT be be incriminating. They weren't, BUT, he made it seem like they were, 10 days before the election.
On the other hand, the FBI knew about the Trumpie's (MANY of them) connections to Russia, BUT, he decided not to mention it, for MANY months, cuz they might influence the election.
Now, because of 180,000 total votes, spread over 3 states, we have the vain, narcissistic Liar In Chief running the country.
If that doesn't make you sick, you just aren't paying attention, OR, you are a typical brainwashed Repub, who gets their 'news' from the organization created by the Head Political Strategist for the Repub party, Roger Ailes.
Think about it, and ask yourself if the STRATEGY worked......


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