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Sunday, May 14, 2017

Proving, once again, what 'an out of touch' ignoramus he is,

the Liar in Chief says he is surprised at the backlash from firing Comey. 'I thought the Democrats hated him and would be glad to see him go'. The clueless clown seems to think everyone is as uniformed as his rightwingnut minions, OR, he just doesn't give a shit what people think, cuz he's The King.
It appeared the FBI director was gonna 'do the right thing', after feeling 'nauseated' for his part in putting the arrogant buffoon in office, BUT, just as he asked for more funding to prove the Trump/Russia connections, the Orange Clown said, 'You're Fired', and claimed it was about Clinton.
How stupid do yo have to be to believe this crap? Other than the clueless sheep, EVERYONE can see what's going on.
The good news? The jerk(R) has pissed off the FBI, as well as the CIA and other intel organizations,
As I say, just be patient, as the 'writing is on the wall' as to how this is gonna end....


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