Trump had ONE 'accomplishment' in his first 100 days...

Neil Gorsach was confirmed for SCOTUS. Yahoooo! Great job, Donnie. Other than that all he did was sign his name to a 'wish list' of executive orders that allow Big Oil to drill in Nat'l Parks and other Big Money vs The People BS that the Pubs are famous for.
Along the way he made a mockery of the Cabinet by actively appointing clowns like himself who are either openly opposed, totally unqualified or BOTH for the agencies they head. AND, he's pissed off the leaders of our allies (Australia, Germany, Canada, Mexico, France etc), while continuing his total disregard for truth and facts.
Yup, it's been a mahvelous first hundred days for the Liar in Chief, as those who hated him hate him even more and those who voted for him just swallow and say, 'That's my boy', and as long he has an (R) after his name, 'he can do no wrong'.
Remember GW's 'Oops No WMD's War'? These jerks(R) are shameless.....


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