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Friday, May 05, 2017

When it comes to intellectual, intelligent thinking Repubs,

there aren't many, BUT, one name does come to mind.
Charles Krauthammer. Seems Charles and I DO have something in common.
We both agree Trump is an unqualified windbag, OR, as Mr Krauthammer says:
I simply view President Trump as the Wizard of Oz. Loud and bombastic. A charlatan. Nothing behind the screen — other than the institutional chaos that defines his White House and the psychic chaos that governs his ever-changing mind. What to do? Ignore what’s behind the curtain. 
There are limitations to the Wizard of Oz approach. Some things do extrude from behind the curtain that are hard to ignore. And here I am not counting the gratuitous idiocies that can, despite their entertainment value, be safely ignored — for example, Trump’s puzzlement as to why the Civil War was not avoided and how Andrew Jackson, who’d been dead 16 years, was so upset by its outbreak.
But, we're stuck with him. Let's hope our nation is strong enough to survive. Just don't look behind the curtain. 


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