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Monday, May 01, 2017

Wow, who da thunk?

The Liar in Chief had an interview with John Dickerson, on Face the Nation yesterday,  and GUARANTEED that pre-existing conditions were 'covered' under the jerk's(R) new health care bill.
SURPRISE! He lied. Those in charge say he 'misspoke'.
Same old shit from the clueless clown(R) who doesn't have clue, and the idiots(R) that support him.
I'm shocked.....
BTW, this was just before the Buffoon walked out of the interview when he was shown to be WRONG, about Obama 'wiretapping' him.
What kind of 'mentally challenged' jerks support this bullshit? Oh yeah, the sheep, who have been programmed (by FOX) to support/ignore LIES. Never mind..... AS IF, those idiots care about TRUTH.


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