Following today's terrorist attacks in London,

I'm betting the Fearmonger in Chief will exploit the situation to promote his illegal, anti-Muslim travel ban, as NOTHING is below the Liar in Chief, as he tries to frighten the spineless sheep into backing his campaign of fear and loathing, although the London killers were probably local...
Wanna bet?
While the sheep(R) worry about a 'one in a hundred million' chance of being killed by a terrorist, they'll stuff their faces with junk food and PROBABLY get diabetes. Check out obesity figures in Red, Pub states... SURPRISE!
BTW, our country was safe from attack, for eight years, (during the Obama years), after 9-11, that happened when Bush had memo on his desk, "Bin Laden plans to attack US using commercial airliners'. REMEMBER?
This just in! The Fearmonger in Chief did EXACTLY what I predicted, using the tragedy in London to promote his illegal bullshit, and promoting 'holy war'. The Pussy Grabber knows EXACTLY what the spineless sheep wanna hear, and spews it, via Twitter....
Can you say PREDICTABLE?


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