For those Trump supporters

who don't see (admit) that he is wrecking our country.
Just look at his cabinet appointments which are the BIGGEST contributions(disasters) a prez can make.
We have a Sec of Educ, who has ZERO experience with the system, as per her self or children ZERO, but her family donated hundreds of millions to the RNC.
Then we have Dr Ben Carson, who admitted he was UNQUALIFIED for any Cab appt, but the Orange Clown appointed him head of HUD. RU shittin's me?
Then we have Pruitt at the EPA, who has sued them MANY times and denies what 97% of Climatologists are SURE of.
And then there's Rick Perry, head of the Dept of Energy, who claimed he would ELIMINATE the agency, cuz it was worthless.
The worst of the worst would be Jefferson Beauregard Sessions, as Atty Gen, who loved the KKK until he found out they smoked pot, and thinks we need HARSHER drug penalties, while our prisons are PACKED with drug prisoners.
And it goes on and on..., as the jerks(R) deny what EVERYONE knows. The Russians interfered in our election to help elect the Liar in Chief, in their efforts to wreck our country.
Don't believe it? Just look at what 17 of 17 US intel agencies are SURE of
Bottom line, it;s OBVIOUS, to anyone who WANTS to see the truth, (FOXIdiots excluded), that the Russians wanted, and GOT, the Clown they wanted, as prez...
Admit it, rectal dwellers.....


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