I love to laugh

at FOXLies headlines, and today I got a BIG LAUGH, after reading (NOT on FOX), that the Orange Clown's approval ratings are at 34% and dropping.
The brainiacs at Bullshit Mountain asked the question that is bothering great minds everywhere,
'Are Democrats Losing Credibility With The American People?

Nope, just for those American people with double digit IQ's, who get their 'news' from the Repub Propaganda Machine, but not anyone else.
Glad to be of help, FOX.
Any more burning questions you need answered?
FOX and The Sheep.... What a joke......
Today on FOX, they also addressed some of their 'Younger' viewers (the average age for FOX fans is over 70).
'Living at home with your parents, in your 20's, might be a drag, but it can pay off.'
WOW, we learned valuable info about young FOXFans.. Like I said, FOX/Fans=Joke.
Since I'm doing a public service here, and answering burning questions posed by Bullshit Mountain, I'll answer one more, from Newt. The answer, 'Only the stupid ones, but, there's LOTS of them.'

Gingrich: America is on a knife's edge. Will Republicans have the guts to stand with Trump?


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