If you didn't realize how 'justice' is for sale in the US

just look at the headlines this weekend as lawyers pocketed millions and justice was obstructed, AGAIN.
Bill Cosby, accused by over 50 women, (he even admitted to giving them Quaaludes and having sex while they were passed out), got a 'hung jury' and is going free.
A black man admitted he had a (legal) gun, when the car he was in was pulled over for a broken taillight, and was shot 5 times, (captured live on Facebook), when he tried to hand it over as ordered to, by the cop who shot him.
 The cop 'lawyered up', (like most of the Trump admin this week), and was found Not Guilty, in spite of OBVIOUS video showing the opposite, like SO MANY other cops who were taped shooting innocent black men.
Now, the Liar in Chief and a bunch of other Trumpies are hiring 'professional obfuscaters', while the 'best of the bullshitters' get to be judges, and they rule on their fellow attorneys.
Don't you just LOVE the legal system that bleeds us dry and obstructs real justice? Bottom feeders who look UP to whale shit.


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