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Thursday, June 08, 2017

Like the Orange Clown, his lawyer

is REALLY full of shit, in SO many ways, but the most obvious was when he accused Comey of a FELONY, for 'illegal leaking' of NON classified information. Oh really?
It is NOT illegal for a private citizen, as Comey was, after he was FIRED, (for continuing an investigation into Russia/Trump), to report facts.
The Liar's Lawyer, and the other clowns MAIN argument was that 'Hey, the jerk(R) is a new guy, with ZERO experience, SO, don't hold mistakes against him, and the prez wasn't under personal investigation, which NO ONE said he was'.
Yup, nice defense for a jerk who's running the country, cuz of Russia and the idiots who swallow FOXnews.
I feel SO much better, knowing he's not only a pathological liar, but he's also totally unqualified.


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