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Sunday, June 11, 2017

Looks like American patriots aren't the only ones

who can't stand the Orange Clown. His scheduled trip to the UK has reportedly been 'nixed', cuz of the YUUUGE protests his visit would create.
Just one more, (with Germany, France, Italy, etc) of our former allies who hate the Liar in Chief.

Two senior administration officials told New York Times
reporter Glenn Thrush on Sunday that President Donald 
Trump’s visit to the United Kingdom is currently off the
president’s schedule.
That report follows a story in The Guardian that said
Trump’s U.K. trip had been put “on hold” after he told
British Prime Minister Theresa May he was worried about
being met with massive street protests.

This just in: Guess who's telling the truth?
Trump Sets Obstruction Of Justice Terms: It’s His Credibility Against Comey’s


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