RU kidding me? Is this North Korea?

President Donald Trump invited his top employees
to shower him with compliments on Monday. They
happily obliged, one-by-one, on live television.
During a Cabinet meeting at the White House, the
president touted the “record-setting pace” of his 
legislative agenda and claimed “never has there 
been a president, with few exceptions” who has 
accomplished more while in office.
Trump then went around the table and called on
each official to deliver brief remarks, beginning with
Vice President Mike Pence. The bizarre scene that
ensued resembled something out of North Korea, as
each Cabinet official attempted to outdo one another
with nice statements about their boss.
If you like Kim Jong Un, you gotta love the Orange Clown.
Right, sheep? 
Can you say 'Ass kissing clowns?'
Can you imagine if Obama tried that crap? OMG!


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