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Saturday, June 17, 2017

The Liar in Chief won't release his taxes,

which is NO PROBLEM for the sheep, but we know he owes over $350 million, to just 5 banks in Europe. Debt to Russian banks/financiers has been hidden.....
Ya think the rightwingnuts would bitch if HILLARY owed that, as prez?
For HYPOCRITES though, this is DIFFERENT. (How?)
The Orange Clown claimed a net worth of $10 billion, but those who actually investigated those numbers say he overstated his wealth by appox $9 billion. Duh, who da thunk, that the 'Art of the Deal' (Start by lying 3 times, his words) Bozo, who went bankrupt at least SIX times would lie to the sheep, as they wanted a 'businessman to run our country.
Can you say Bamboozled? 

Trump owes lenders at least $315 million, disclosure shows


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