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Sunday, June 18, 2017

The Orange Clown is flaunting

his 50% approval rating, from Rasmussen(R) polls.
What? Who are those clowns?
According to Wikipedia, Rasmussen is a 'right-leaning' polling group that relies on robo-calls to land lines, where participants are asked to 'hold' and then answer political questions. Wow...
First, how many people still have land lines? AND, who's gonna wait and hold for pre-recorded questions? The same rightwingnuts who elected the Liar in Chief in the first place, that's who.
Clueless sheep, who have to turn down the latest rant from Rush or Sean to hear the robo-call.
At least it explains WHO Rasmussen is, and how they get their 'pro-Trump numbers', while every other reputable, qualified poll has the jerk(R) at approx 34%.
BTW, WTF is wrong with the one in three who support the Embarrassment to America? Oh yeah, clueless FOXSheep. 


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