GREAT news, American voters aren't as stupid as it seems

Looks like Russia hacked the voting machine software. Suddenly it
all makes sense. OMG, I feel better...

Ar least 20% of US voters in at least seven states used 
a digital system without a paper trail to cast votes on 
November 8, according to a report published by the 
Brennan Center for Justice. Forty-two states used 
voting machines in the 2016 election that were at 
least a decade-old and had outdated hardware and 
software, the report said.
The NSA document offers the clearest indication yet 
that Russian hackers penetrated US voting 
systems tied to voter registration in the days and 
weeks leading up to the election. And it's likely "just 
the tip of the iceberg," said Jeff Bardin, the chief 
intelligence officer at cybersecurity firm Treadstone 71.


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