You're welcome, loyal readers...

Since I have reached another plateau of readership I have again been offered the chance to include 'advertisements' or 'commercials' on my blog, or 'monetize' it, as they say. Could probably pay for my beer.... But I said NO, again, cuz it would be/seem wrong.
I put my thoughts on my blog, to 'release them' and so I don't have to bother friends and acquaintances (local relatives are on the same page but most out of state clan are beyond help/reason) with politics. Bottom line, I think anyone who can look at the Orange Clown and say, 'Yup, I voted for and support him', is such an idiot (or maybe just hopelessly gullible) I don't want ANYTHING to do with them. Who knows, maybe stupidity is contagious. Definitely not worth taking a chance.

My blog works for me, and if you don't like it, don't read it, BUT, I'm not gonna turn it into a commercial enterprise, cuz that would make me no better than those I seek to expose.
Non-thinkers(R), who will swallow any lie, as long as it has (R) on it, and FOX(R) tells them to.

BTW, most of them also believe in a literal Noah's Ark. 'Nuff said....

AGAIN, I'll say, I'm not against spirituality, in any way, only against 'literally' believing a book with many myths and fables, easily proven wrong, written centuries ago, by people who merely passed on the myths and fables they had heard. I


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