After their colossal failure on Health Care

the Pubs now need to move on to to more difficult legislation like tax reform and the budget.
After this herd of cats made up of rightwing nut jobs and FAR FAR Rightwingnuts couldn't agree on basic health care issues, who thinks they can agree on tax cuts and the budget, where they are all paid off by lobbyists who want some 'return' on their billions of dollars of donations?
Tax reform is gonna make health care look like child's play as the various clowns(R) all fight for their 'special' projects. I'm betting the jerks can't even agree on the 'debt ceiling', as the idiots who have always wanted to 'shut it down' (the country) now have all three branches of govt.
Can you say DISASTER waiting to happen?
At least we have The Liar in Chief to keep things in control. HA!


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