And you wonder how the Orange Clown was elected?

Just look at what the rightwingnuts actually believe AFTER The Liar in Chief AND Trump jr admitted to meeting with the Russians.
Among other findings, only 45% of Trump voters think Donald Trump Jr. met with Russians last year to discuss their offer to help his father win the election.
And 32% say it didn’t happen at all.
This is after Donald Trump Jr. already admitted publicly that he met with the Russians, and Donald Trump Sr. tweeted the fact that his son met with the Russians. After all that, only 45% believe it.
And people wonder how democracies die.
Another troubling finding: Even though Donald Trump Jr. admitted this too, only 26% of Trump voters think the Russians wanted Trump to win. And 44% think Putin wanted Hillary to win. (Putin HATED Hillary, and that’s a leading reason he got involved in the election to begin with.) Again, Donald Trump Jr. already tweeted out the emails he received from an intermediary for the Russians, acknowledging that they wanted Trump to win and wanted to help. Yet that admission by a Trump himself isn’t enough for Trump voters.


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