I can get REAL political

or I can make it SO simple even the FOXSheep can understand.
Either you believe the Liar in Chief, who's lied HUNDREDS of times, or you don't.
REAL simple. BUT, the FOXSheep don't understand, or just don't care.
Nothing new here.
LIES don't matter in FOXWorld, but in the REAL world, they do.
What kind of derelict can live in a world of Trump lies, and be OK with it? Oh yeah, the sheep.
Can you imagine an acquaintance who LIES, all the time?
Oh yeah, you'd avoid him, at best. Unless it's the Liar in Chief, than you're OK.
What kind of moron are you? Oh yeah, the worst.
A FOXDumbshit. who swallows Trump lies, and just doesn't care.
Nothing new here.
BTW, did you look at the documented TWO HUNDRED lies your boy told?
Click here: we’ve now done so.


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