If you had any doubt

how Bullshit Mountain can twist and distort the news, just check out this piece from FOXCrap today, as they report on The Liar in Chief's fiasco in front of the Boy Scouts.
The time has come for every red-blooded, God-loving patriot to sever ties with the Boy Scouts of America.
On Thursday the Boy Scouts (and those who identify as Boy Scouts) took it upon themselves to apologize for President Trump’s speech delivered to some 40,000 people at the National Scout Jamboree.
In doing so the leadership of the BSA has brought shame and disgrace upon what was once a storied and revered organization.
This, after the Orange Clown totally politicized his speech, then bragged about orgies on billionaire's yachts, to inspire the kids to 'make a bunch of money'.


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