Like G Dub and his Mission Accomplished banner,

the Liar in Chief jumped on a photo op aboard an aircraft carrier that is already over TWO BILLION over cost and won't be ready until 2020 at best. BUT the Orange Clown is telling the world to 'be afraid, be VERY afraid' when you see this beast cruising toward you, although a well-placed missle from a plane, sub or land base could take it out in a matter of seconds.
While today's battles have moved to terrorist attacks with suicide bombs, trucks with dynamite, or just as rams, and the WORST threat being computer hacking of our country's energy grids and business computers, the Pubs are shoveling money to the weapon systems of WWII, over 70 years ago.
Stupid, BUT, it sends YUUUGE contracts, with massive barrels of pork to the Repub 'home districts', where tanks go directly from the factory to desert storage and unproven airplanes cost hundreds of millions each, with the F-35, F-38 program at over a TRILLION! Look it up....
This, to combat hackers in a dark office and bombers with a suicide vest.
In an era where The Liar in Chief has promised to drastically increase military spending, we could cut 85% from the budget and STILL have the world's largest budget.
Just part of the Repub 'little dick' syndrome, where the clowns(R) scream. 'We can't AFFORD decent Health Care.'


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