Seems I'm not the only one

Trump Savagely Mauls the Language
Listening to the president speak is a dizzying experience for anyone interested in candor, clarity or concision.

who goes OMG!, after the Orange Clown makes some stupid Tweet or statement. It's usually about WHAT he says, but many times HOW he says it (sometimes both) as he speaks like a third grader who's been 'held back' cuz he can't keep up with his peers in the usage of the English language. Everything is Great or Wonderful, unless it is VERY so, but if he's REALLY excited it's very, very, very.
Bottom line, it appeals to his low IQ base, where multi-syllable words are for pointy headed scholars. But Trump LOVES the uneducated, and speaks their language, which is grade school playground bully. His minions love it though, cuz he's doing something they've always wanted to do. Kicking sand in the face of those who spent the time and money to get a decent education, and now 'talk funny'.
In his Bible Belt Base, it's enough to pass a simple Bible quiz, where 6000 years is the correct answer to:
How old is the earth?
And, you can get extra credit, after following up the question of 'Who were the first humans', by remembering that their son married someone from another tribe.
Brainiacs(R), whose votes count the same as mine....


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