The clowns of Bullshit Mountain have already started

putting their 'heavy spin' on the Trumpie/Russian meeting. BUT, for all the sheep, we need to just keep it simple. although they don't give even a TINY shit, that what the Liar in Chief (and/or his crew) was DEFINITELY illegal.
President Donald Trump’s son, son-in law, and campaign chairman met secretly in June 2016 with a woman they’d been told was a Russian government attorney who could provide documents that, as part of “Russia and its government’s support for Mr. Trump,” would “incriminate” Hillary Clinton, according to emails released by Donald Trump Jr. on Twitter Tuesday morning. 

It is illegal to solicit, accept or receive contributions 

and donations ― including things of value such as 

opposition research from foreign nationals.

Just as they initially and continually DENIED any such meeting, they are now saying 'we got nothing' from it. Yeah right. Same old shit from Trumpies and the Pubs. Lie, then when you get caught in your lie, lie some more and hope this set of lies is forgotten by the the time the NEXT cycle of lies comes out. Why NOT? It certainly works for the low info, clueless minions who get their 'news' from the Repub Propaganda factory and would vote for Satan (they did) if he had (R) after his name.


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