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What? I agree with Grover Norquist? Yup!

Audit the Pentagon before we increase defense spending by tens of billions

American taxpayers have the right to know what 

we've bought, how much it cost, where it is, 

whether it's working and what we need for the future.

HA! Ain't gonna happen. The Pubs are SO 'sold out' to military
spending, they'd cut 'milk for starving babies' before they'd touch
 the BLOATED military budget that sucks money from EVERY
OTHER PROGRAM, so the Pubs can pay off the  lobbyists who
put them in office.
Nothing new here, as planes that cost over a hundred million $
EACH and tanks that immediately go into mothballs line the
pockets of Repub Congressmen.
SICKENING, but SO Republican, as we all pay for their bribery.


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