Wow, of all the resorts in Mexico...

that served tainted alcohol, this would have been my last guess. We have stayed at many of the Iberro Stars, cuz we go to that area, EVERY YEAR, and Kari got married at one of them, cuz we thought they were up-scale.Wow, this is gonna kill the company, as it should.
Guests at some five-star, all-inclusive resorts in Mexico are reporting sickness, blackouts and injuries after drinking at the properties, according to a new report in the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel.
One woman, 20-year-old Abbey Conner, died after being found face down in the pool at a property in January, just a few hours after arriving with her family for vacation.
The Journal Sentinel said guests at Iberostar resorts and others around Cancun and Playa del Carmen have all reported blackouts and other problems after drinking at the sites. Guests told the paper they believed they had been drugged or consumed tainted alcohol.
OMG! Killing people to make a few extra bucks? I hope someone goes to jail for a LONG time.


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