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Wednesday, August 02, 2017

After getting caught in a lie, AGAIN

when they originally DENIED the Liar in Chief made up and provided a cover story (Russian adoption) to Clown Jr, the Orange Clown's White House mouthpiece changed her story from, 'He definitely didn't do it', once they got caught in ANOTHER LIE, to, 'It's not illegal what he did'.
I know the ignorant, gullible sheep don't give a shit about LIES, LIES LIES, cuz they've been raised on Bullshit Mountain, but the rest of us say, 'OMG, who could ever believe a lying sack o' shit like the Liar in Chief if/when he EVER tell the truth?'
Remember that list of approx 200 lies from a month ago? Well, it's totally outdated as the jerk(R) in the White House can crank out lies faster than anyone can factcheck him, which is just Trump being Trump, BUT, what kind of morally bankrupt stooge does it take to constantly swallow his bullshit?


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