Even when he was elected

his approval numbers were under 50% and as people see him 'in action' his numbers have gone steadily down. He may be the firs prez in the history of polling, to NEVER reach the point of HALF the people approving of him.
Last week the Quinnipiac Poll put President Trump’s job approval rating at 33%. Gallup had it at 36% this week, as did a new CBS News poll. These are historically low numbers for the end of a president’s first six months in office.
BUT, the 'head up their BUTT' crowd (one in three) likes him. Bottom line, we can all thank Roger Ailes. Repub Political Strategist, and his realization that a YUUUGE part of the population is clueless and doesn't mind being lied to, as long as their fears, paranoia and preconceived notions are upheld.
Dems BAD, Pubs GOOD. Case closed!
Thanks again, Mr Ailes....


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