FOXNews has standards? HA! This ought be FUN!

Remember the controversy over the death of young Democratic National Committee staffer Seth Rich? 
It just took another tangled turn. A private investigator is suing Fox News, alleging that the network made up quotes from him to buttress its allegations that Rich leaked DNC emails and was murdered because of it. (Fox aired a story in May based on Rod Wheeler's investigation into the 27-year-old's death but retracted it a week later, saying it had failed to meet the network's standards.
The lawsuit by Wheeler also suggests that Fox let the White House, and President Trump himself, review the report before it aired, reports NPR. (See a copy of the lawsuit here.) Wheeler alleges that Fox worked in cahoots with the White House to push the story in order to dispute the notion that Russians had leaked the emails in order to help Trump's campaign.
This oughta be FUN to watch, as the LIES flow.....
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BYW, you won't see this story on FOX. Surprise! They don't tell the sheep what they don't want them to hear...


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