I grew up in Nebraska, and was a Husker fan

cuz it's all I knew. I didn't do a large study and decide they alone were worthy. It's what EVERYBODY did, so that's what I did. No other colleges, MLB, NFL, NHL, NBA or any other choices. Not that it was wrong, it's just how it is.
Sorta like growing up Repub in Nebraska, Indiana or some other Conservative dominated fly-over state.
There are no other choices...
Does anyone actually research Dem vs Pub, or do most kids just go with the same old tired party that their fols, relatives and neighbors support?
All the newspapers, radio and TV stations (FOX is on EVERYWHERE), constantly preach Dems Bad-Pubs Good. Just like the churches preach, profess belief in God or burn in Hell for eternity. SO what is some Cornshucker, naive, gullible kid supposed to think/believe? Go against his parents and EVERYONE in his community?
Sorta like me, until the Viet Nam war, when I learned they(R) are all full of shit.
No if's and's or but's about it. Total Repub crap, as they package it with a big Christian, God and Country bow.
And it has been reinforced over and over, as the Pubs lied us into Iraq, fought health care that EVERY other civilized country enjoys and then elected the Orange Clown.
What are you (not) thinking?
Oh yeah, you're rightwingnuts, where everything in your tiny world says VOTE REPUBLICAN, Dems are EVIL-Case Closed!
Some things nver change, until you grow up and move away, to an area where ALL the local media is not controlled by Far Right Conservatives.
Voila! Freedom and truth! And you realize you've been lied to, systematically and constantly by the Repub party.
Not really the fault of the sheep, BUT, C'mon, Viet Nam, Iraq, NO Affordable Health Care, Donald Trump, anti-science, anti-choice, anti-gay ANTI THINKING Republicans.
WTF is WRONG with you?
Oh yeah, you swallow FOXNews, which is LIES, and on EVERYWHERE, all the time, in your tiny, corrupt world, where the military can NEVER be big enough, no matter what has to be cut, for more bombs, ships and planes, in a world where terrorists and hackers are the new enemy.
Forgive them ,Father, cuz they are clueless, and raised Republican, just like their fathers before them and all their FOX watching/swallowing fellow minions.


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