Just another day of WTF remarks from the Orange Clown

Is he just Tweeting out brain farts, OR, is he trying to muddy the waters about Russia, White House turmoil and his total lack of qualification for the job that he was given, thanks to the clueless sheep that grew up with FOXLies, SO, the Liar in Chief doesn't seem so bad.
Who knows?
Bottom line, we lurch from one catastrophe to another. The Mooch and Spicer are gone, and we learn more LIES about EVERYTHING, incl a call from the Boy Scout head and the Donnie Jr meeting about adoption, with the Russians.
Same old shit, from the Orange Clown who has set the bar for the prez SO LOW, any day without a major scandal is a good day.
Thanks SO MUCH, gullible, ignorant sheep(R)....


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