Just saw the news, with a fat guy in a baggy suit

flaunting his nukes, spouting lies while his propaganda fed minions rally behind him.
Guess which psycho I'm talking about.
Two whackjobs with their 'mush for brains' followers who get their 'news' from a propaganda site and have 'No Problem' swallowing YUUUGE piles of lies.
Still don't know?
Hint: Stupid, goofy hairdo...
Another hint: Raised in privileged family, removed from reality, looking down on the masses...
Okay, last hint: Am talking about a YUUUGE liar, with no respect for the truth, cuz it just don't matter to their clueless masses.
C'mon sheep, pick one.....
Bottom line just another diversion for the Liar in Chief as his administration crumbles around him


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