The Liar in Chief started the day, today

with some real WHOPPERS, that even his gullible sheep may have a hard time swallowing. (What am I saying, like Debbie from Dallas, they'll swallow anything).
BUT, for the rest of us, his claim that his support is getting STRONGER, (ALL polls show his approval continually falling, to approx one in three), even though the Clown's claim that the 'fake news' like the 'failing New York Times', (where circulation has nearly DOUBLED since the Clown took office) is picking on him.
The Liar in Chief cites the YUUUUGE campaign-style 'rallies' where he speaks to the same morons that elected him, while the rest of the country SLOWLY comes around to the fact they've been duped, and ALL the polls show exactly that.
Does that matter to the Clown and the Sheep? No way. They hold their rallies, listen to Bullshit Mountain and wonder why their trailer park rent is going up, but they can't get a raise working the 2nd shift, while waiting for the local coal mine to ramp up again.


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