The Orange Clown has a plan

and it involves returning the nation to a coal based economy. He's done all he can to replace a fossil fuel that was deemd uneconomical, and DIRTY, by market forces, BUT, he loves the uneducated, and they get those jobs. PLUS, they, the uneducated, voted for him.
On the other hand, he's slashing the budget of NREL,the National Renewable Energy Laboratory, who is responsible for hundreds of thousands of jobs in the wind and solar industries.
The reckless slashing to Department of Energy funding is stunning. Trump would reduce the renewable energy, energy efficiency, and clean transportation programs that Colorado labs specialize in to nearly a quarter of their current size. NREL would be deeply wounded, perhaps mortally so, and the effect on Colorado’s energy innovation ecosystem would be devastating.
Vestas, a global leader in wind energy, chose to locate manufacturing in Colorado, as well as new companies in energy efficiency, smart grid, LED lighting, electric vehicle charging and related industries, resulting in over 60,000 jobs.
The Trump administration’s proposed cuts are a danger not only to our health and welfare, but to our economic well-being, particularly here in Colorado. The fight for our children’s future, and our economy, is now upon us. I hope and believe our leaders are up to the challenge.


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